OX Creative is a boutique creative agency.

We partner with innovative organizations working to do GOOD.

There are things that have gone wrong in our world that need to be put right. For whatever reason, people don’t always do good on their own and sometimes require someone to lead them in the right direction. When we wake up each morning, we aim to set our hands to work on things that matter. Great and difficult work that has nobility, courage, and brings a lasting and eternal change to our world.

There are great things our world needs you to do. We’re here to help.

Jesse Oxford

Creative Director

Katie Ruse

Business Manager

Corry Wiens

Director & Editor

Katie Kick

Lead Designer

Josh McGowan

Producer & Director

JJ Marshall

Equipment Manager

Alexis Aclaro

Project Manager

Mackenzie Freemire


Gavin Buckland

Film Editor