This Very Global Moment

Sometimes the right idea is just waiting for its moment of need.


It began with a simple fact of history. What happened next, was history in the making...

In October of 2019, the brand team at World Vision International (WVI) began work with OX on a global campaign to celebrate their 70th anniversary. By April of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic no one expected, OX helped WVI launch a record-breaking campaign to elevate their brand and drive their impact.


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In January of 2020, a small task force from the OX team huddled around a laptop at an Airbnb in Nashville, on a video call with the team at World Vision (WVI).

Half-empty cups of lukewarm coffee dotted the perimeter of the kitchen counter. We had stayed up until the wee hours working together on our presentation and gotten back at it early that morning.

We were presenting the first round of creative for World Vision’s 70th campaign. “This isn’t just about a moment in your history. This is about who you’ve always been – how you’ve brought people together. It’s about the hidden heroes all around us… ordinary people coming together for extraordinary impact.”

Meeting adjourned. We boarded a plane back to Chicago. A woman behind me had a cough; I didn’t mind.

In the weeks that followed, progress unfolded steadily: a series of updates and improvements to the campaign concept and creative.

In the meantime, updates on COVID-19 started to become more regular, more relevant, and more urgent. We started counting to 20 while washing our hands. We started wondering if this was going to be a big deal. We kept going.

With increasing speed, our question became a reality. Laying low became sheltering in place.

One of our partners on the WVI team had been registered to run the Tokyo marathon to raise money for clean water through Team World Vision. As the virus spread globally, suddenly he found himself at the starting line of the LA marathon instead.

On March 20, WVI sent an email to the OX team. “We need to make a pivot. COVID-19 is our top priority now…” 

We hadn’t – couldn’t have – known it beforehand, but the message we had been developing together over the course of many months was about to become hyper-relevant.

Ordinary people coming together for extraordinary impact? Heroes hidden in plain sight? What better way to talk about the untold stories of men and women, sponsors, and volunteers and sponsored children around the globe joining together to fight the spread of COVID-19?

The message was tailor-made for the moment none of us saw coming – and the moment to share it was now.

Our pace went to full-throttle. Now, instead of delivering in 3 - 4 months (as originally projected) we all agreed we needed to be live in 3 - 4 weeks.

Simultaneously, the OX team went into lockdown ourselves, porting desktops and drives to our homes around Chicago and getting down to work. The days and nights that followed blur together. Perhaps the three most frequently used words in the OX Slack during those next few weeks were simply “I’m on it.” In record time, we built out full campaign messaging, created an innovative campaign film, and navigated the complexity of a trademark claim. We finalized logo and identity, designed and wrote copy for a landing page, iterated out a suite of dozens of pieces of social content, and developed Google responsive ads.

We worked collaboratively with the World Vision offices across 17 time zones, integrating input from teams focused on Social, Brand, PR, and Storytelling. As the work was completed, we encapsulated all of it in a campaign playbook for use by all of World Vision’s 20+ support offices, in multiple languages, around the globe.

Once all of the work was done (and after some virtual high-fives), we waited anxiously for the campaign to launch.

Sometimes the right idea is just waiting for its moment of need.

From the very beginning, our motto at OX has been “There’s good our world needs you to do; we’re here to help.” In the very global moment in which we find ourselves, the world’s vulnerable needed World Vision to step forward, to rally the troops, to spur ordinary people to unleash their hidden hero. What a gift, in every sense of the word, to help them do it.