Bringing a brand to life, from first steps to final cut

Brand strategy and documentary storytelling for CORE

Core + Ox

CORE, a new men’s movement

based in Austin, TX collaborated with OX from dream to done on the launch of their new brand, tailored specifically for modern men. Through discovery workshops, competitive analysis, and brand recommendations, we worked together to surface CORE’s unique identity in messaging, voice, and visuals. CORE tasked us with telling the true stories of 10 men from all walks of life, authentically sharing both their victories and defeats on film, with the ultimate goal of inspiring others to do the same.

Like launching anything new, this project was, in every sense, a labor of love. For over two years from start to finish, we partnered with CORE to help them understand themselves clearly and refine everything from their visual identity to their business model. Full of unexpected twists and challenging turns, the end result is a brand we’re proud to have built together.


Branding | Film | Creative Direction | Motion Graphics | Custom Scoring | Design | Art Direction | Copywriting


CORE’s flagship offering rests on the quality of world-class documentary storytelling, so each film needed to represent the depth and breadth of the man it features. Story selection was everything. We collaborated with CORE to first generate a long-list of names, then filtered based on strengths and weaknesses to make our final selections, and developed unique, cinematic approaches for each story. The resulting film series paints a fresh, innovative picture of what it means to be a man in America.


"We love what OX does and how they do it. We would not be where we are today as an organization without them. Our hope is for many, many more opportunities to partner with them in the fulfillment of the vision and mission before us."

RT & Tim Phillips
President & Director of Strategy, CORE