The Best Team, on Your Team

The best work comes from great collaboration, which is why we’re proud of the hand-picked team of strategists, artists, and storytellers that make up the heart and soul of OX Creative. We represent a diverse mix of backgrounds, perspectives, and skill sets. What’s true about each and every one of us? We can’t wait to go to work for you. Meet the team!

Better Humans. Better Brands. Better World.

The days of nameless, faceless, supposedly “perfect” corporate brands are over. Instead, we believe in building brands that behave like people, defined by curiosity, empathy, and care. We’ve identified 5 key characteristics that mark all human brands. Click here to learn more about how humanizing your brand will increase engagement and create true advocates.

Our Team

Jesse Oxford

Founder & Creative Director

Tony Sorentino

Chief Strategy Officer

Katie Kick

Creative Director

Cory Wiens

Head of Production

Katie Ruse

Business Manager

Olivia Ludwick

Account Manager

Laura Avey

Project Manager

Gavin Buckland


Alexis Grant

Line Producer

Amy Ballance

Lead Designer

Dustin Turner


Betsy Johnson


Cam Jackson


Jacob Cushman

Creative Assistant