A story of hope from
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Preemptive Love Coalition and Willow Creek Church partnered with OX to tell the compelling story of an Iraqi man named Faris, a refugee whose hand-crafted soaps are bringing hope, first to his family, then to his community, and now to people around the world. View the incredible story below. Then, go behind-the-scenes to discover how the project challenged OX to increase our expertise in storytelling in conflict zones - and to face our fears in the process.






By partnering with Preemptive Love, Faris’ hand-made soaps are bringing hope and help to Iraqi refugees.

On August 4, 2014, Faris and his family were driven from their home near the Iraqi-Syrian border in an area called Sinjar. But their tragic escape was only the beginning, because Faris had to find a way to provide for his extended family of 14, including 7 children.

Faris found hope when he discovered the work Preemptive Love Coalition was doing in the region, equipping refugees to make soap from local ingredients, to sell as a means of support for their families. He wasted no time, diving in headfirst to the work at hand.

What began as a few bars of soap being made in the family living room has grown to a warehouse full of soap with deliveries by the truck-full. Faris’ hard work has allowed him to feed not only his family, but 100 people from their neighborhood in his backyard every Saturday for lunch.

In recent days, Faris has saved enough money to rebuild the family home in Sinjar - as soon as it's declared safe enough, he plans to return.

Preemptive Love
Soap - Preemptive Love
Soap - Preemptive Love
Preemptive Love

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.


Preemptive Love Coalition had the unique opportunity to share Faris’ story with the community of Willow Creek Church, and eventually an even wider audience. OX came on board to help shape the narrative, travel overseas to capture the story up-close and personal, and ultimately shape the final edits for use in both live event and web contexts.

The experience was stretching in every possible way - physically demanding, emotionally stretching, logistically complex. Yet it was also deeply rewarding.

You can read more about this experience on the blog, here.

Preemptive Love
Preemptive Love
Preemptive Love


The power of and is the beginning of hope.

The innate beauty of this project, from start to finish, is collaboration. It’s everywhere. OX understood this intuitively, because the lifeblood of OX is the magic of “ together,” the power of “ and.” It was a natural fit to jump in on the fun.

That power is what enables families on the margin to bind together, against all odds, and turn the resources around them in a land far from home into tangible hope. It’s what multiplies their efforts, as they’re empowered by an incredible cause to do even more good.

OX is honored to add to the “ and,” taking the story of the incredible partnership between Preemptive Love Coalition, Willow Creek, and the heroic refugees of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq to even more collaborators around the globe.

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