Live Events

We Know Events.

Our team has produced over 500 live events for audiences ranging from 10 to 10,000.  Whether you’re planning an evening for 200 key donors, an invitation-only launch party for 50 taste-makers or a 3-day conference in a 5,000 seat auditorium – we have the tools necessary to make it an event people won’t want to miss.

We believe that it takes more than just great lights and sound to create an transformational experience. We believe that it takes more than just great lights and sound to create an experience leading to a moment of change. The GM of Live Production at Walt Disney Imagineering once told our staff, “If I had an illegitimate child – I’d want it to be you!”







This past Spring, we partnered with Cherry Hills Community Church in the Denver suburbs providing creative direction to their Easter services.  We were given the theme “Rise UP” and asked to develop a fully scripted program incorporating film, music and a 300-person choir.  The desired goal was not that our team would fully produce the service. Instead, it became a partnership with the existing volunteer and staff teams for us to lend our creativity to leverage the skills of the Church.

“In the early morning hours, 2,000 years ago,
a murdered Rabbi came back to life.

Not by accident. Not due to a physician’s misdiagnosis.
But by the Power of a Living God. 

Now, two millennia later,  that same Power is at work in the Church.
This Church – His body – has been rising up continually, every day since.”

Over the 60-minute program, we lead the audience through three movements each centering on a different creative performance telling a “Rise UP” story. Each movement was punctuated by a different graphical treatment which was reflected both on-screen and in the full-color printed program handed out at the doors.

Dovetailing each creative element was a 5-minute “micro-talk” by Pastor Shane Farmer supported by a highly-developed keynote graphics-build featuring Scripture, Quotes, Stories and Facts appearing behind him in perfect synchronicity.” 




Movement 1: The Body of Christ

Musical Performance with Scenic Reveal.
“Mystery” by Charlie Hall.

Across the stage lies lies a 50′ foot gigantic figure of a man draped in a burial shroud.  The Body of Christ.  The room is dark and a single figure stands center stage and begins singing.  “Christ has died. Christ has Risen. Christ will come again.”  As the music swells, a thousand fireflies light up the inside of the shroud which levitates revealing another “Body of Christ” – his church – the choir, 300 strong beneath it.

Movement 2: The Sleeping Church

Choreographed Music Video with Live Band Performance. “For Your Glory” by Kate York feat. Leeland.

Early morning.  Daylight fills a bedroom where a woman sleeps alone.  Her husband sleeps downstairs on the sofa. Smeared mascara alludes to a late night conflict and the remains of a relationship breathing it’s last.  Their marriage is in need of a resurrection.
“I’ll rise up and be your voice.  I’ve made my choice. This is my story.”


Movement 3: A Beautiful Reflection

On stage a dramatic scene is staged to a pre-recorded narration with sound design.  It is an internal monologue of sorts.

A man with a large spotlight on a dark hazy stage methodically positions a series of mirrors around the stage with the help of 5 assistants.   There is haze in the room so we see a dark stage slowly being criss-crossed by bright tubes of yellow beaming light being reflecting from mirror to mirror.

“If a mirror is reflecting properly, when light shines on it – you no longer see the mirror, all you see is LIGHT.

In the same way,  when the Church is reflecting the Light properly, all the world will see is Christ.

Sound and music swells and the stage is left as a sculpture of light beams as the teacher takes the stage to teach for the final time.

Before continuing to the next scene/icon, Shane will pose a simple question relating to what they just heard.

Then graphical behind him, a timeline of a human life with appear corresponding to a print piece received on the way in. Each member of the audience will place the same ICON on a timeline when they shared (or didn’t share ) the same “Rise Up” moment depicted in the scene.


This sequence – ART, MICRO-TALK, REFLECTION – was repeated three times over the course of the service.

Ninety days down the road, our prayer is that the memory of this event will persist as one both individually significant & corporately galvanizing.