We Tell Stories.

A story well-told can change the world. It has power to change perspective.  It can stir emotions in a room in a way few other mediums can. Creating a successful film is more than just capturing visually-striking images.  It’s about connecting your audience to deliver the intended result. Moving images are at the center of what we do.

Whatever you need: High-Energy Intro Videos.  Promo Videos. Vision casting. Donor Campaigns. Crowd-funding Videos. Small Group Curriculums.  Organizational Histories.   Dramatic Short Films.  Feature-length Documentaries.  Book Trailers.  Music Videos.  Anywhere in the world.  We can do it.











For years Uganda has been facing a stream of challenges. AIDS. Poverty. Child-Solders. Military Dictators. The “pearl of Africa” has been hidden under a steady flow of opposition.

The cost of poor leadership has been high, but Bishop Joshua Lwere has a vision to transform his entire country. His journey has taken him from the office of President Museveni to tribal reconciliation with Jaffar Amin – son of Idi Amin. This two-part micro-doc tells the story of perhaps one of the greatest leaders alive today.



Barna Frames

Something we do best is adapt a single editorial concept across a variety of video formats and durations.  One such project was for Barna’s FRAMES book and DVD series. The driving idea behind FRAMES is that millennial audiences are not reading books in their entirety the way previous generations have.  Barna’s solution was to produce short reads better suited to the reading habits of today’s audiences.  This idea carried over to the visual edition of the book as well.

Based on the teaching from the book, we provided post-production support to edit nine short films + a book trailer featuring each of the books authors.  Each 8-minute short film was then adapted to shorter edits (or “frames”) in 2:30, 60-second, and 15-second Instagram teasers.

APP: GLSnext

“I’d say this calls for some slo-mo!” This digital promo features a team of young tech-professionals working at a start-up. They unveil GLSnext – a tool for teams to develop their leadership acumen with video content from the top names in management today. Culled from the archives of the WCA’s Global Leadership Summit, GLSnext feature bite-sized training for your busy lifestyle.

No matter what sector you work in, GLSnext will provide the tools you need to become a better leader.

Scanadu: Scout

Our pictures have contributed to over a billion dollars (US$) in pledged charitable contributions.  In 2013, we had just five days to turn-around an edit which returned over $100k in the first 3 hours it was online.  This grew to over $1.6M in just over 30 days making it one of the most successful Indie-go-go crowd-funding videos of all time.  Our work has yielded returns like this for multiple organizations.

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“Empty” | Brandon Grissom

Our friend Brandon Grissom lost his father in a tragic accident. The pain of that experience formed the basis of his album “Kingdom Come” featuring the song EMPTY. We loved the song and developed a surreal music video set in 1930’s Dust Bowl Oklahoma.  A comforting Spirit leads a man on a journey through his past, revealing moments of pain and the promise of a life to come. Wide open fields. Weathered rustic structures. Sepia tones. The bread-basket of America fallen into hard times.


Anywhere In The World

Having filmed productions in the Middle East, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa – we consider ourselves global citizens.

We understand that there is more than one perspective on every story and that it takes a special person to step into a new environment and capture the story in a way the retains the dignity of the individual. Cultures are different than – not better than – each other.  We take great care to honor that uniqueness and lean into local knowledge in every project.

Bryan & Abdullah

An aggressive American-muslim is paired up with a small-town Christian at their university sociology class.  The results are an explosive relationship between two young men in this coming-of-age story.

This is part-six in a series of short films we produced on interfaith relationships in post-9/11 America.

The Usual Suspects.

Our productions range from 3-person teams of multi-skilled filmmakers, to 30-person crews of specialists.  From 15-second Instagram teasers to documentary shorts to feature-length narratives.  We understand what it takes to keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Any project. Any Scale.