A High Eye for Design.

Whether it’s in print or digital, a high eye for design permeates everything we create. Constantly aware of what is happening in the design community, and eager to look for ways to implement everything that’s “new” and “now” into our work.

We are often asked if print is even effective any more. YES – it is! The days of cheap-o, direct-mail, dime-a-dozen “flyers” are over. Today, your print-work needs to be unique, quality, and have a personal touch to it. Something that you want to KEEP and not THROW AWAY. If you think of print as a way to communicate in a lasting physical format – it will succeed. We would love to help you accomplish this!

The OX Art Annual

Many times our best work goes un-announced. Over the past year we’ve been working hard all over the world on projects seen and unseen. This ART ANNUAL is our way of sharing some of our finest work in branding, design, film, and music.

Many of our projects include integrated campaigns featuring a common metaphor and art direction which is implemented across multiple platforms. The impact of a campaign like this is keenly felt in the weight of a combined experience, but is difficult to quantitatively express on paper. This ART ANNUAL is our first attempt at that.

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Sandblast Summer Camp

Each summer 1,500+ high school students descend on Indiana Wesleyan University campus for 5 days of sheer terror.  Or fun – depending on whose perspective
you’re looking at.

For the past 5 years, we’ve created all the design pieces for the event.  This includes a 32-page student booklet, 56-page leader’s handbook, camp tee shirts, promo postcard, web, and on-screen event graphics.

The goal of this is to be as trendy as possible while presenting a high quantity of information in a clear and engaging manner as possible.