We Create Campaigns.

You have a big problem to solve.  A capital campaign.  A major initiative. A new product launch.  And it needs to a “Big Idea” to support it.  A name.  A tag line.  A single unifying idea, voice, and visual direction.

Right now you might just be thinking “We just need a promo video people can share online.”  But what if it was more than that?  What if you had a video that matched your brochure – that matched the event website – that matched the donor card – that supported the verbal language of the Keynote address – that provided a common thread to 20 blog posts. How much more effective do you think your roll-out would be if everything was present as a single thought and artistic direction?  That is the power of a unified campaign.


Case Study: The 2014 Global Leadership Summit

Each year that my team is trusted to produce the Summit Promo video, we like to challenge ourselves. Twenty-fourteen was no different.

Our plan: Illustrate unique “low-poly” head shots of each of the Summit speakers as well as a special 20th Anniversary edition of the Summit Logo.  Then, build an art-installation sculpture out of 178 unique polygons. This sculpture would serve as a digital projection background for the promo video campaign.

To paint a picture of some of the complexity without getting overly technical: We, first, needed to design a 3D digital model of the sculpture. After perfecting the design digitally we built the 13’ high by 28’ wide physical structure in a studio over 5 days. Then using a complicated projection system called “Pandora’s Box” (I’m not even kidding) we were able to shine animations onto the structure that perfectly matched the contours of the physical object. Basically it allows you to do things like project an image of a car – onto a car shaped object, and it will look like its really driving.

It had all the hallmarks of a disastrous relationship between technicians and artists with competing visions and too little time.

But it didn’t end in disaster. In fact, things went oddly without disruption. Why?

I would say it had something to do with the leadership skills our team has learned from the Summit. Of course he would say that, you’re thinking. Yes – but it’s true. For the last decade, we’ve attended the Summit nearly every year and the skills we’ve gained from the leaders we’ve heard speak have influenced our work in tangible ways.


Has Christmas Lost It’s Adventure?

The moment light comes into darkness is a powerful one. It sparks, crackles, struggles to consume oxygen and bursts into flame. This moment of ignition is rarely noticed because of the speed at which it occurs. We partnered with Community Christian Church to develop their Christmas campaign. It featured a series of moments in which a flame ignites the Advent candles. Every ignition a moment of adventure.

For this campaign we designed two versions of logo branding (Spanish “Adventura” / English “Adventure”), a cinematic promo trailer, and a series of campaign still images mirroring the trailer. The lanterns featured in the video were also used as set design elements in programs across their multiple campuses.