OX Creative is proud to be the Premiere Media Producer for the Global Leadership Summit.

With over 300,000 attendees, it is the largest leadership event of its kind in the world today. From Speaker Intros to Dramatic Shorts to International Documentaries and one-of-a-kind Multi-Sensory Live Experiences – our team is proud to provide the creative direction, design and production of over 20 original creative works. We are grateful for the team at the WCA for trusting us with their message and for allowing us to play a role in the GLS. Take an inside look behind-the-scenes …


Every leader – good or bad – leaves a ripple. If you think the impact of your actions today are neutral – you’re fooling only yourself. You’re ALWAYS leading.

And the effect of that ripple has both immediate and far reaching effects.

On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal. The nation was in chaos and struggling to respond to the need. One GLS pastor, Samuel Karthak, leveraged his team and network of church to immediately provide for the need scattered across urban Katmandu and remote villages. And all this happened because of the ripple effect of the Summit, which had occurred just 5 months prior in Nepal for first time. Talk about timely!

For the last 6 years, our team at OX Creative has traveled the world capturing stories of some the world’s great leaders. Many, like Pastor Samuel, lead quietly – out of the public eye yet accomplishing very significant work.

This past spring we traveled to Kathmandu to interview this humble man who leadership impact has rippled across his country. Take an inside look at some of the behind-the-scenes events of our shoot, and then watch the 2-part story FEATURE.

These stories that we are telling aren’t fictional things that we’ve just scripted for entertainment. They are real stories of real impact but all around the world, there are leaders who are being impacted by the GLS. There are real struggles that are happening in people’s lives, who need daily support and courage.

For our entire team team, its a true privilege to join the Willow Creek Association, to encourage these leaders and tell their stories.



Our world is consumed with fear. No matter where we lead, fear is always a barrier to following the call of God on our lives. Pastors are no exception.

Here in the United States our nation experiences a wide fear of attack. Islamophobia. Immigration. Liberal v. Conservative. National Security. Refugees. Each of these things are stirring up fear here in America.

Yet overseas, Pastors in countries bordering conflict zones experience something similar as refugees stream into their cities. The refugee crisis the greatest humanitarian issue in the world today. Over 60 million people – half of them children – forced from home. The relative peace and security of their cities and neighborhoods has been disrupted by a huge influx of people of different ethnicity. From different religious sects. Who are impoverished. With a different political view. Who threaten the security of the people who lived there “first”.

Yet in these places – there are leaders / pastors – who have taken a step beyond their own
fear and have chosen

to love refugees. Together, World Vision and the WCA supports these fearless pastors who are leading churches that have responded.

As one middle-eastern pastor told us: “If you want to hear the bad news go to CNN or FOX news. If you want to see God’s version of what is happening… come and see what is going on in our area.”

So thats what we did. Our team at OX traveled to northern Iraq – the Kurdistan region, 50km from Mosul – to see first hand what God is doing through a 26 year old pastor who is letting FAITH overcome his FEAR. What we captured, changed our perspective on the what it means to love refugees. We hope it changes yours as well.

Visit the World Vision website to download your Refugee Crisis Leadership Guide and mobilize your community to respond to the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today. And LOVE REFUGEES.


Terrible bosses. We’ve all had them. Managers that seem to take their daily playbook from the “7 Bad Habits of Highly InEffective Leaders.” And if we’re really honest with ourselves – as every leader should be – each of us has our own bad habit.

A year ago, with the release of GLSnext – the newest leadership app from the WCA – our team supported the launch with a comedic promo featuring a “squad goals” style slo-motion ending. The audience loved it so much – we actually saw people bootlegging the video on their phones.

Over the next year, as the GLSnext app developed – so did the characters we had introduced in the launch video. We wanted the rest of the series to not just describe the app itself, but depict everyday leadership situations where the app is useful. Oh – and we wanted it to be even FUNNIER.

We brainstormed dozen of bad habits bosses have. The Helicopter Boss (the one that hovers over your shoulder while you try to work). The Selfie-Leader (the one who makes everything about their own ego boost). The Easy Way (a boss who takes the easy way out of a tough HR conversation). The Hard Way (the manager who insists on making everything more difficult than it needs to be). The Un-Intensional Diminisher (the boss who shuts down team input without even realizing it).

Press pause for a moment. Our team created these situations out of a sense of lighthearted fun. But over the months following producing them – we started to realize that, we each actually do some of these traits ourselves and we hadn’t even realized it. What at first had been a fun exercise to blow off steam about some one else – had actually developed into a self-diagnostic tool. Oops. Several of our colleagues at the Willow Creek Association have actually shared the same thing.

And you know what: knowing your weaknesses isn’t such a bad thing. Because GLSnext is one of the best digital resources we know of to unleash to the full potential of a team and sharpen the leadership skills of .. well, everyone.