Often the most complex ideas are best illustrated using info-graphics, motion graphics, and other creative animation. When a product is still in development, when the footage simply doesn’t exist, or if traveling around the world isn’t an option, then “mo-graph”, as we call it, could be a great option for your project.

Our stable of animators and visual effects artists has done everything from launch videos for local churches to SuperBowl ads and spots for the National Geographic channel.  We’re excited to bring that high level of expertise in a way thats affordable to your cause.

A History of Change

Change is life’s most notable constant. Both exhilarating and terrifying in the same moment of time. New ideas challenge what we know and how things work. This 3D animation explores some of the newest innovations in technology, medicine, automobiles, and manufacturing.

Developed for BSC Private Wealth Management, this concept piece premiered at their THINK15 thought-leadership event.  

The Window of Youth

Smart people say that culture shifts every 4 years. And if this is true of Adults – it is even more true of Youth Culture. Despite the trends, one thing remains the same: We’re only young once.  Inspirio is an organization working to connect young people to faith during the short window of time we call “youth.”

Over the last year, we’ve been working with Inspirio as they navigated a rebrand which included a name change.  This piece was used to unveil their new identity at their annual Gala Event.  

The Past is Prologue

We were privileged to be entrusted with the task of telling the history of Willow Creek Community Church. Using two pivotal messages given by Sr. Pastor Bill Hybels, we edited a seamless narrative that captures the story of the church in a powerfully moving and inspiring short film.  This 15-minute film combines archival footage, motion graphics and 3D animated sequences.

Below are three scenes which make heavy use of motion-graphics and animation to help support the verbal narrative delivered at Willow Creek weekend services.  The thumbnail at the far right is the full documentary in it’s entirety.





Mission Church: Simple

Mission Church is a community in the Chicago-suburbs that aims to be known for being Simple, Inclusive, and Neighborly.

In this short piece, Jon Peacock explains in layman’s terms why they’ve started the church (Who would want to do that, anyway?)
Oh yeah, we designed their logo too!

Looking In

In this animation captures the handmade texture of paper cutouts carefully animated to tell a heartfelt story. We wanted to it feel like something carefully prepared with a specific “someone” in mind.
Anything but slick or flashy, this Care Center does just that… they really care.